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Stride into Longevity: Boost Your Health with More Steps and Faster Walks!

More steps, better health!
More Steps, Better Health!

Boost your health with more steps! In an age where sitting has become the norm, did you know that even if you exercise regularly, prolonged sitting poses risks? Join us as we uncover why taking more steps and increasing your walking speed is crucial for everyone, not just fitness enthusiasts.

The Perils of Prolonged Sitting:

Sitting for extended periods, coupled with a low step count, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, according to Burton & Coyle (2021). Reduced daily steps are linked to issues like endothelial dysfunction, decreased insulin sensitivity, and increased abdominal fat.

It's time to take action! Research provides guidelines on how to incorporate healthier habits into your routine.

How Many Steps Per Day Is Best?

While the popular 10,000 steps per day isn't set in stone, recent research by Jayedi, Gohari, & Shab-Bidar (2022) suggests that each additional 1,000 steps per day correlate with a 12% lower risk of all-cause mortality in adults. For health benefits, a new target emerges—>12,000 steps per day. Let's make those steps count!

Stepping Through Commercials:

Turn your sedentary TV time into an active process! Steeves, Thompson, & Bassett (2012) propose stepping in place during commercials. Their study showed that the energy cost of TV commercial stepping was nearly twice that of viewing TV in a seated position, making it a creative and effective option for you.

Walking Speed and Health Outcomes:

Walking at a faster pace offers more meaningful health benefits, as discovered by Stamatakis et al. (2018). Faster walking elicits greater physiological responses and is associated with a reduced risk of all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality.

Walking Speed and Longevity in Older Adults:

Gait speed (walking speed) is a predictor of survival, health, and well-being in older adults (Studenski et al. 2011). Maintaining a usual walking speed of 2.2 mph suggests a better-than-average life expectancy. Let's stride towards exceptional longevity!

Next Steps:

Try using motivating phrases like "brisk is better" or "faster feet, faster heart, more health." Aim for a daily step count exceeding 12,000 steps to optimize your health. Let's inspire you to "step on it" and embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle!

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