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Discover Your Perfect Fit with Gold Pointe Fitness Club Memberships!

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At Gold Pointe Fitness Club, we believe in offering options as unique as you are. Our memberships are designed with your fitness journey in mind, providing flexibility and choices to match your goals and lifestyle. Choose from the comprehensive Gold Standard - All Access Membership, offering a holistic approach to fitness, to the invigorating Silver Splash - Aquatics Area Only, and the power-packed Iron Clad - Fitness Areas Only. Regardless of your needs, there's a membership crafted just for you.


Exclusive Perks Every membership comes with its own set of perks. Whether it's bringing a friend for free each month, enjoying a complimentary Tanning* session, or receiving a month free with our Paid in Full options, we're committed to enhancing your fitness journey in every way possible.


For just $55 a month with a 12-month commitment (no enrollment fee), or a flexible Month to Month option at $65 (plus a $30 enrollment fee), you get it all. Picture this: Full access to our Fitness Area, Pool, Hot Tub, and Sauna. Enjoy On-Demand Fitness Classes, complimentary Towel Service, a Fitness Consultation with Basic Fitness Programming, and even bring a friend for free each month. Topping it off, catch a radiant glow with our included Tanning (may be limited during peak seasons).

To sign up for the Gold Standard Membership click HERE


Step into fitness with our Silver Splash membership at $40 per month. No enrollment fee for a 12-month commitment, or choose the Month to Month option at $50 (plus a $30 enrollment fee). You'll have full access to the Pool, Hot Tub, and Sauna, plus the luxury of Towel Service. If you commit to 12 months upfront, enjoy an entire month on us!

To sign up for the Silver Splash Membership click HERE


Focused on strength, cardio, and fitness classrooms, our Iron Clad membership, priced at $40 per month, packs a punch. Opt for the 12-month commitment (no enrollment fee) or go Month to Month at $50 (plus a $30 enrollment fee). Revel in full access to our Strength, Cardio, and Fitness Classroom Areas, On-Demand Fitness Classes, and Towel Service. Committing to 12 months upfront? We'll gift you a month of membership!

To sign up for the Iron Clad Membership click HERE

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