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So Much More Than Just a Hotel Gym!

While we share a building with a hotel, we are more than a hotel gym. We are 8,000 sq. ft. of affordable cardio and weight training!

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Get fit at Gold Pointe Fitness Club

Welcome to our articles and blog! This area will help keep you up-to-date with new promotions, classes, health tips, and any exciting updates we have here at the gym.

First, let's talk about a common misconception we deal with here at Gold Pointe. Rumor has it we are just a "hotel gym." *GASP* It is true that we share a building with a hotel, but tell us this: what other "hotel gym" is 8,000 sq. ft with pool access and free tanning? Our pointe exactly.

Tell us: what other "hotel gym" is 8,000 sq. ft with pool access and tanning? #NotJustAHotelGym

Let us explain some of the great benefits of joining a gym that is connected to a hotel.


  1. Crowd Control: There is no fighting for equipment here. Are you self-conscious about working out in a crowd? Are you tired of people sitting on the bench press texting instead of working out? Check us out! We are crowd free!

  2. Pool/Hot Tub/Dry Sauna: If you join our gym, you have access to our hotel pool zone. Come warm up from the frigid temperatures in our hot tub or sauna!

  3. Free Weights: We know sometimes weight machines don't cut it. That is why we stocked up on a wide array of free weights. We have weights for all levels! Don't worry, we have weight machines too!

  4. Senior Friendly: Seniors, we have quite the following with our aquatics area! Come make new friends, get fit, and socialize after your workout in our pool atrium.

  5. Breakfast: If you are hungry after a morning workout, stop by the Goldzone cafe, directly above the gym, for a freshly made breakfast!

  6. Tanning: It's true, a lot of gyms have tanning, but ours is included FREE with our all inclusive memberships! #tanning

  7. Bar: We understand that not all of your choices will be 100% healthy ones, and lucky you! The Goldzone is located directly above the gym. If you happen to be craving a beer after an evening workout, stop by for a drink. #NoJudgements

Still not convinced you should give us a try? Stop by and get a tour! We are on the ground level of the Longbranch Best Western Hotel building. Look for the blue sign at the top of the parking lot.


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