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Welcome to Day 5 of the Clean It Up Challenge at Gold Pointe Fitness Club!

Welcome to Day 5 of the Clean It Up Challenge at Gold Pointe Fitness Club!

🥳 Congrats!! You made it to DAY 5!

🤩 This has been a busy, action-packed week! If you feel like you need to take a deeper dive into any of the four categories we’ve covered, you’re right where you need to be!

Today’s Focus: Creating an Ongoing Plan for Clean Living

In fact, that’s what today’s assignment is all about:

👉🏡 Creating an ongoing plan to keep “detox”-ing your food, your self-care products, your home, and anything that affects your mindset. Because it will ALWAYS be a work in progress!

Why an Ongoing Plan Matters?

Creating a plan will help you stay focused and organized … and it can also prevent important tasks from falling through the cracks. A proactive approach ensures you maintain the progress you've made and continue to improve your overall well-being.

Your Guide to Day 5:

  1. Clean It Up Challenge Guide: Ensure you have your copy of the guide, which covers today’s focus in detail. If you haven’t picked up your guide yet you will find it at the front desk.

  2. Plan and Organize: Develop a seasonal checklist to keep your detox efforts consistent and thorough.

  3. Wish List: Identify larger projects for future improvement.

Day 5 Action Items:

  1. Read the Guide: Start by reading the section labeled “Day Five: Create Your Seasonal Clean It Up Checklists” in your Clean It Up Challenge Guide.

  2. Create Seasonal Checklists: Develop checklists for each season, adding tasks as they come to mind. These lists will help you stay on top of ongoing maintenance and improvements in your clean living journey.

  3. Develop a Wish List: Make a wish list of bigger projects you want to tackle in the future. These could be extensive home detox projects, major dietary overhauls, or significant changes in self-care routines.

  4. Check-In: Share your seasonal checklists and wish lists on our Gold Pointe facebook page! Let’s inspire each other with our plans and goals.

Extra Tips for Success:

  • Stay Flexible: Your plan can evolve over time. Adjust your checklists and wish lists as you learn more and discover new priorities.

  • Use Reminders: Set reminders for seasonal tasks to keep your plan on track.

  • Seek Support: Engage with the group for ideas and encouragement. We’re all in this together!

  • Celebrate Milestones: Recognize and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. Every step forward is progress!

What’s NEXT!?

Let’s keep this MOMENTUM GOING! You’ve done amazing work this week, and the journey doesn’t stop here. Continue refining your clean living practices, and stay committed to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Share Your Biggest Change for a Chance to Win!

Stop by the front desk at Gold Pointe Fitness Club to share the biggest action item or change you’ve taken away from the challenge. You’ll find an entry form and a drop box for your submissions. Your entry will be part of our prize drawing, with the winner chosen by member votes!

You’re Doing Incredible! Keep up the great work! Continue to engage, share, and support each other at the club. Together, we’re creating a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Have a fantastic Day 5!

For more fun and informative challnges like this, join us at Gold Pointe Fitness Club. You'll find our easy online sign up HERE!


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